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The PASCO ScienceWorkshop is a unique data acquisition and data logging system for computer based science experiments. Although only a few years old, the PASCO ScienceWorkshop is already being used at the following excellent South African institutions:

Pretoria University, Venda University, University of Port Elizabeth, University of the Western Cape, Technikon Northern Gauteng, Border Technikon - East London, Vaal Triangle Technikon Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle Secunda, Vaal Careers College, St Stithians Collegiate Johannesburg, St Mary's College Kloof, St Andrews College Grahamstown, The American International School of Johannesburg, Rhodean School Johannesburg, Bishops Diocesan Cape Town and Hilton College in Kwazulu Natal.

The PASCO ScienceWorkshop is an interface and sensor system which allows you to collect and store data such as: temperature, motion, pressure, sound, light and much more. This technology facilitates traditional experiments by reducing set up time and cost, while simultaneously increasing consistency and accuracy. It also opens doors to new experiments which previously were impossible.

The Physics Bundle

The Introductory Physics Bundle provides the interface, software, experiments, and manuals needed to perform 19 of 22 experiments documented in the Introductory Physics Teacher's Guide. The Introductory Bundle provides computerized introductory experiments, such as Newton's Laws and harmonic motion; plus, with the ScienceWorkshop 500, students will have the ability to collect data without a computer.

The 22 documented experiments in the Introductory Physics Teacher's Guide include: Conservation of Mechanical Energy, Induction Magnet through a Coil, Acceleration of a Dynamics Cart, Centripetal Force of a Pendulum, Interference of Sound Beats, Acceleration due to Gravity, Impulse during a Collision, Motion Match-a-Graph, Simple Harmonic Motion, Newton's Second Law, Newton's Third Law, Buoyant Force, Heat Transfer, Sound Waves, Free Fall

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