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Dear Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter,
     Do you find yourself replacing the same bearing again and again? It seems like you just got that machine back on-line and now you’re tearing it down again to replace that same bearing for the umpteenth time. What aggravation!
     It’s not only aggravating - it’s expensive. Not to mention the boss is standing over you, chewing you out, and wanting to know when “his” line will be back up again.
     Bearing failures occur regularly in every plant; and thousands of dollars in lost production time and unnecessary bearing purchases can occur as a result. That’s why it’s critical - no imperative - to identify the root cause of a premature bearing failure and implement a solution to prevent a reoccurrence.
     Sound familiar? Well fortunately, there’s a better way. TWI Press is pleased to announce the availability of a new resource tool to help you avoid some of the aggravation described above.
The Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter’s Guide
     The Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter’s Guide consists of two tools that can help save you time, money, and your sanity. And you get both on the same CD-ROM.
  • Bearing Failure Analysis System
  • Bearings Reference Guide
What Does the Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter’s Guide Consist Of?
     The Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM is the quickest and easiest way for anyone to determine what caused a bearing failure. Adapted from the print version of the acclaimed handbook by bearing “guru” Ray Guyer, the most important aspect of the Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM is it will explain….. 
How the Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM Works
     The Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM is really easy to use. To solve a bearing problem you simply perform the following steps.  First, refer to the procedures shown in the “Bearing Disassembly” section of the Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM.
1. Find the failure condition in the pictorial index.  
2. Once the small photograph has been identified, go to the large failure photograph by clicking on the small photograph. This larger photo will more clearly show you the bearing failure details. You’ll find listed below the photograph and accessible via “hot buttons” a failure description, mechanism of action, cause, and the solution to prevent future failures.  
3. Prior to a bearing replacement, you should implement the solution. Unless you make the recommended changes, you’ll continue to experience premature bearing failures.
4. You should read any references to the Bearings Reference GuideTM for additional information that will help you prevent premature bearing failures in the future. The Bearings Reference GuideTM on CD-ROM is a supplement to the Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM and is included on the same CD-ROM for your convenience.
5. Chapter 11 in the Bearings Reference GuideTM gives complete information regarding troubleshooting rolling bearings that are in service.
     Now, picture this. Instead of getting “chewed on” by the boss when the line is down, you’ll receive a pat on the back for helping him achieve the highest plant machine uptime levels ever recorded. Now that’s a much nicer picture.
Bonus on the same CD-ROM!
     Along with the Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM you’ll receive the complete Bearings Reference GuideTM as referred to in step #5 above. This book on CD contains the complete contents of the materials students receive in Ray Guyer’s popular bearing workshop (for more information on this workshop contact a sister company of ours - Hane Industrial Training at 800-777-0753). This manual is literally the…  
Encyclopedia of Bearings
You’ll Learn:
  • How a rolling bearing works.
  • What types of materials are used in the manufacture of bearings.
  • How rolling bearings are made.
  • The specific purpose and application of various types of bearings.
  • How important it is to use various types of seals in bearings. Also, what types of seals can be used external to bearings.
  • How to determine proper sizes of shaft and housings.
  • How to measure straight and tapered shafts. Proper lubrication of rolling bearings. When to use oil and what type of oil. When to use grease and what type of grease.
  • How to monitor rolling bearings to prevent catastrophic failure.
  • How to identify bearing failures and what is required to prevent future failures.
     The Bearings Reference GuideTM alone is worth hundreds of dollars. In fact, Ray Guyer charges R 70 000! for an on-site presentation of his three day course (and it’s worth every penny). You’ve probably seen other industrial CD-ROM training products priced at R5000 or more! But you can get all the same technical information students receive in his comprehensive course manual as a FREE bonus with your investment in the Bearing Failure Analysis SystemTM.  
     For ease of use, both products are included on the same CD-ROM. Together, they make up the Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter’s Guide - the Ultimate Resource CD-ROM on bearings for use on your PC. It’s a must add to your technical maintenance CD-ROM reference library.

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What Types of Failure Conditions Are Covered?
Normal Load Zones
Abnormal Load Zones
Fretting Corrosion
Defective Bearing Seat on Shaft
Defective Bearing Seat in Housing
Electric Arcing
Ineffective Lubrication
Excessive Thrust Load
Ineffective Seals
Manufacturing Defects
Improper Mounting
False Brinelling
Man, there sure are a lot of things that can go wrong with a bearing!
Here's just some of the U.S. organizations using the Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's Guide on CD-ROM as part of their maintenance arsenal! Now for South Africa!
Allied Signal
Appleton Paper
Bristol Myers Squibb
Buckeye Technologies
Carlex Glass
Central Arizona Project
Cerestar Benelux
Champion International
Commonwealth Aluminum
Crown Vantage
Dubai Natural Gas
E & E Engineering
Eastman Chemical
East Penn Manufacturing
Empire Iron Mining
First Brands
General Motors
Gulf Coast Transit
Hamilton Standard
Hammond Sanitary District
Henkel Corp.
Hershey Chocolate
Houston Lighting & Power
Hupp Electric Motors
Ina Bearings
Interlake Paper
International Paper
Johnson Controls
McKee Foods
Mead Paper
Menominee Paper
Mobile Chemical
Novo Nordisk Biochem
Pacific Gas & Electric
Phillips 66
PPG Industries
Procter & Gamble
Public Service Electric & Gas
Reynolds Metals
Roche Vitamins
R. R. Donnelley
Shell Research
Shell Western E & P
Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant
Solar Turbines
Stone Consolidated
Tech. Associates of Charlotte
Technical Consulting
Technical Training Corporation
Tennessee Valley Authority
Texaco Refining
Thomson Consumer Electronics
Tyson Foods
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Valmet Sensodec
Virginia Power
Waldorf Paper
Weldwood of Canada
Williamette Paper
Wisconsin Electric Power