Pneumatic Technology
The program contains the following Learning Modules
Introduction to Compressed Air
Compressed Air Production, Preparation, Distribution & Safety
Introduction to Pneumatic Equipment
Circuit Design/Basic Circuits
Maintenance and Fault Finding
Test Module and Course Testing
Basic Pneumatic Technology CD-ROM
     With years of product expertise, and worldwide resources, Parker has developed the Basic Pneumatic Technology CD-ROM. It is the equivalent of countless text books, videos and classroom lectures covering the subject of basic pneumatic components and systems technology. Now in South Africa!
     Utilizing the latest computer based training techniques along with state-of-the-art animated and video motion visuals, Basic Pneumatic Technology is designed to maximize information retention while reducing student's time and related educational expenses.
     The benefits of utilizing an interactive method to do your pneumatics training are significant.  The program is self-paced, so the learner progresses only when they feel they've mastered the topic being covered.  The use of the program is not limited to the classroom, and it maximizes student's time and reducing your overall training costs by eliminating expensive travel and per diem costs.
     The program contains the 10 learning modules listed above, and incorporates easy to read text, graphic supported text, variable speed animation, and video clips to maximize student retention.  It is available for a single user on a stand alone PC.