Interactive Physics

Interactive Physics makes it easy to integrate modeling and simulation into your physics curriculum.

* Create models by drawing onscreen with a powerful and easy-to-use graphic interface.

* Add objects like springs, dampers, ropes, and joints.

* Measure attributes of your objects like velocity, acceleration, momentum, and energy.

* Interact with your model in real time by changing parameters as the simulation runs.

Widely adopted by many textbook publishers and with more than half a dozen awards and thousands of educational users, Interactive Physics is the standard in physics modeling and simulation solutions. Interactive Physics supports multiple representations that facilitate different learning styles. A key component of this software package is the model animation that helps students visualize abstract concepts. Besides building models, Interactive Physics lets you and your students view changes in important measurements while a simulation runs. You can measure physical quantities such as velocity, acceleration, momentum, angular momentum, kinetic energy, and friction. You can also display these measurements as numbers, graphs, or animated vector displays.

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