EcoLog Weather Station

The EcoLog weather station is a very inexpensive long term data logging solution for earth science. It come complete with: stand, wind anemometer, rain gauge and solar radiation shield. It can measure and record: temperature, humidity and light intensity as well as rainfall, wind speed and direction. This data is stored on the portable EcoLog and then uploaded onto your PC via a serial port.

At the heart of the EcoLog weather station is the EcoLog portable environmental data logger:

The EcoLog is the perfect way to make sense of conditions in the world around you. This portable, poket-size environmental data logger is equipped with sensors for temperature pressure, humidity and light. It's easily controlled by pressing a single key. Even young children can use it, but it is just as suitable for rugged industrial applications.

EcoLog features:

EcoLab Software Laboratory

With the included EcoLab, a Windows-based environmental analysis software, all the data gathered by the EcoLog can be easily imported, viewed and analyzed on your PC. Its friendly graphical interface is simple, fun and easy to use. Perfect for use in schools, homes, gardens, industry and agriculture, it's an effective and valuable vehicle for environmental exploration and monitoring.

EcoLab features:

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