Mechanical Engineer's Soution Suite
Solve tough engineering problems in seconds -
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Mechanical Engineer's Solutions Suite
This incredible new CD-ROM puts 132 essential mechanical engineering calculation procedures - and scores of related subprocedures - right at your fingertips. Just plug your data in the formulas, and let the software do the work for you.
You'll get instant, accurate answers to all your technical problems every time - we guarantee it!
Instant answers to your everyday engineering problems - - on one CD-ROM!
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    Powered by MathSoft's sophisticated mathcad engine, Mechanical Engineer's Solutions Suite lets you browse and interact with the math expressions and formulas as they appear - transforming your computer screen into an electronic calculation sheet that you can modify in a flash.
     And the state-of-the-art user interface makes it all effortless. You can generate instant keyword searches . . . browse the Table of Contents . . . jot notes in the Electronic Book  . . cut and paste . . . call up the Scratchpad to try out calculations or solve problems . . . pull up and print out tables and figures . . . and much more.

     This user-friendly, full interactive CD-ROM gives you prompt solutions to virtually every technical problem you'll encounter on the job. It dispenses with theoretical discussions and vague overviews to deliver to essentials:
  • 132 worked-out calculation procedures covering every area of mechanical engineering.
  • Crystal-clear explanations of each problem to be solved
  • A numbering system for each calculation procedure so you don't miss any steps
  • Fully worked-out examples demonstrating each step in the procedure
  • USCS and SI Units presented side by side
  • Scores of easy-to-access charts, tables, diagrams, and illustrations
  • Dozens of related subprocedures

You'll find 132 numbered, step-by-step calculation procedures for:
  • Machine Design and Analysis including...
  • Pulley and Gear Loads on Shafts
  • Selecting a Leather ...Rubber...or V Belt for Power Transmissions
  • Speeds of Gears and Gear Trains
  • Selection of a Shaft Coupling for Torque and Thrust Loads
  • Power Transmission for Variable Speed Drive
  • Radial Load Rating for Rolling Bearings
  • Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing Analysis
  • Spring Selection for a Known Load and Deflection
Metalworking including...
  • Cutting Speeds for Various Materials
  • Tool Feed Rate and Cutting Times
  • Time Required for Turning Operations
  • Time to Cut a Thread on an Engine Lathe
  • Blanking, Drawing, and Necking Materials
  • Economical Cutting Speeds and Production Rates
  • Saving with More Machinable Materials
  • Breakeven Considerations in Manufacturing Operations
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    Mechanical engineers aren't the only ones who'll expand their skills (and profits!) with this unique tool. Any engineer looking to land work that involves mechanical engineering know-how will have the skill and flexibility to ace these challenges - with complete confidence!
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     Just think - no more mathematical guesswork . . . calculation errors . . . or outmoded problem-solving techniques to contend with - Mechanical Engineer's Solutions Suite crunches the numbers for you! Just plug your data into the onscreen formulas, and let the software do the rest. You'll get 100% math accuracy every time - we guarantee it.